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Learning in Year 4 2022-2023


During the Summer term the children will take part in the Multiplication Tables Check. At St. George's school we enjoy using Times Tables Rock Stars to support children to become fluent in recalling the multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.

The children within Year 4 strive to reach ROCK HERO status! 


Welcome to Year 4 at St. George's School!

In Year 4 we base our learning on three engaging topics and themes which incorportae high quality texts.

The Year 4 team have worked hard to create a curriculum which provides the children in Year 4 with first hand experiences, opportunities to develop their oracy skills, layered learning which links to the theme and opportunities for children to create pathways for their own learning which includes challenging themselves and evaluating their learning. 


Autumn Term 2022

During the Autumn term the learning in Year 4 has been based around the book 'Escape from Pompeii' written by Cristina Balit. 

The children have researched the work of Andy Warhol and have used his techniques to create pop art volcanoes. 

Within Geography the children have learnt about the Earth's layers and created these using playdough. They have found out how the Earth's tectonic plates create earthquakes which lead to volcanic eruptions. This has also been linked to our PE lessons. The children demonstrated a volcanic eruption through dance and role-play narrated in the style of David Attenborough. 

Within Science lessons the children have followed the process of enquiry focussed around sound. 

The children have taken part in an inter- class Kwik Cricket tournament as part of their PE lessons. They have been taught the skills needed to play and ultimately win a game of Kwik Cricket. 


Trips and Experiences

During our topic on Romans the children in Year 4 make use of our local history here in Colchester. They will be invited to visit Colchester Catle and learn about it's place in history. Did you know it was built on top of a Roman temple?!

Boudicca herself has visited St. George's and has taught the children all about her fierce battles with the Romans and her attack on Camulodunum! (Colchester)

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