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Learning in Year 4 2023-24

This half term, we have enjoyed learning about the Romans. We have been learning about them throughout the curriculum, including within our writing, P.E, history and art!

In our PE sessions, we have been focusing on Roman dance using space, movement and energy to create dance moves that depict Roman soldiers attacking and defending. Roman jobs, such as hunting and building boats, along with movements that represent the Roman Gods and Goddesses’.

We read the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and have written a poem, a setting description and a recount (diary entry) on this. There has been excellent work from the children! Take a look to see what we have been up to. Examples of our work can be found in the PDF below. 


Welcome to Year 4 at St. George's School!

In Year 4 we base our learning on three engaging topics and themes which incorporate high quality texts.

The Year 4 team have worked hard to create a curriculum which provides the children with first hand experiences, opportunities to develop their oracy skills, layered learning which links to the theme and opportunities for children to create pathways for their own learning whilst challenging themselves and evaluating their learning and skills. 


Photos from our Year 4 trip to Colchester Castle

Trips and Experiences

As part of our History work this term, we have been looking at the Romans. On Monday 16th October, Year 4 children went to Colchester Castle on a school trip. We spent the day exploring the museum and listening to stories about the Roman's living in Colchester. Everyone had a great day and we learnt lots of new interesting facts ready to use in our work.


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