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Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4 at St. George's School!

In Year 4 we base our learning on three engaging topics and themes which incorporate high quality texts.

The Year 4 team have worked hard to create a curriculum which provides the children with first hand experiences, opportunities to develop their oracy skills, layered learning which links to the theme and opportunities for children to create pathways for their own learning whilst challenging themselves and evaluating their learning and skills. 

Year 4 Weekly Spellings Spring 2

y4 spellings spr 2

Spring Term

In year 4 we are focusing on the book 'How to Train Your Dragon' in our English lessons. We have had a bit oof a surprise when a dragon egg was found in the playground! Following that, the dragon has been seen on our CCTV and a witness has sent a video of what looks like a dragon flying through the sky! Look out for our newspaper reports coming soon to give you all the information you need to help us if you can!


Times Tables!

Children have recently completed the Spring Mock MTC on TTRS. Class 13 are currently leading our progress competition, improving their soundcheck scores by 6.33! It's really important we continue to improve our times tables fluency over the next term and we are looking forward to seeing even more progress!

Below you can find the key information for the Multiplication Tables Check.



In science, year 4 have been busy building electrical circuits and figuring out how electricity works in the world around us. We will soon be exploring what we could use instead of batteries to produce electricity- who knew lemons would make a light bulb light up!

Art and Design

This half term it is all about dragons! For our art we have drawn a dragon's eye and coloured these in with a focus on shading and shadow to give more detail. The drawings are fantastic! We have a range of magical and mystical, as well as dangerous and deadly. We have had a lot of fun creating them. Using the techniques, we have managed to give our drawings lots of depth, with some of them looking 3D! 

Year 4 have also been drawing dragon eyes in preparation for some wonderful dragon eye sculptures. Look how amazing those scales look!

Photos from our Year 4 trip to Colchester Castle

Religious Education

We are lucky enough to have children within our school and community from lots of different religious backgrounds. Year 4 children are learning about what worship looks like in our local community and will be visiting the local church soon! We are also looking forward to a visit from the local Buddhist centre and learning about the Jewish synagogue in Colchester!

Trips and Experiences

As part of our History work this term, we have been looking at the Romans. On Monday 16th October, Year 4 children went to Colchester Castle on a school trip. We spent the day exploring the museum and listening to stories about the Roman's living in Colchester. Everyone had a great day and we learnt lots of new interesting facts ready to use in our work.


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