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Reading for pleasure

We are passionate about providing children with opportunities for reading for pleasure. Every Friday, children have ‘Drop Everything And Read’ where they can free read any text of their choosing in class, either individually or with a friend. Alongside this we also celebrate World Book Day, host travelling book fairs and run a number of reading clubs.

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Reading at home


At Woodlands, children receive a reading card. We encourage children to read 5 times a week at home. This can be done with an adult, to a friend or independently. Children or adults then simply tick their reading card. Children who read 5 times receive a special reading sticker!

Woodlands children take 2 reading books home a week. One ‘child’s choice’ book for developing pleasure for reading and one phonics book, for developing the children’s reading fluency.

Reading Scrapbooks

Every class at St. George's School has a reading scrapbook. The childre volunteer to take the scrapbook home and create a book review/recommendation for a book that they have recently read. These are then shared within the class and across the Key Stage to encourage others to read the same book. 

Reading at St. George's School

At St George’s school we are passionate about reading. We teach reading daily and provide children with opportunities to read across the curriculum. Books have been carefully selected to help develop children’s skills as a reader but also develop a passion and enthusiasm for reading. There is a broad range of subject matter and genres.  

Books are selected to match our curriculum learning, supporting children in developing their understanding and key vocabulary. In addition, we work hard to ensure that our children see themselves represented in reading and have access to a wide range of diverse texts.



At St George's School we use Little Wandle as our chosen phonics framework. Whole class phonics is taught in EYFS and Key Stage 1. It may be used as an intervention in Key Stage 2 for children who need it. This programme provides a clear framework of progression beginning with simple phoneme identification, blending and segmenting to developing fluency in independent reading. The programme is supported with resources such as reading books, that are fully decodable and are sent home to support reading practice. These are also used within school. The video below will explain this at home.

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Useful Websites for Reading

A collection of nursery songs from the Early Learning series; Listen and Play and Playtime, both of which are currently available on iplayer and as podcasts.

Suggested books for children, advice on how to read with your child, book lists, fun games, competitions to win free books, Children's Book Club etc.

Expert recommendations and opening extracts of books.

Phonics and reading advice and access to free E-Books. Free to register.

Publisher’s website designed to give parents help and advice for reading with children.

A useful website featuring free resources for KS1 (and the option of subscribing)

Reading competition for Years 3- 4 featuring a great range of books, including those for the less confident reader.


At both our Towers and Woodlands sites, we are lucky to have beautiful, well-resourced libraries to inspire our young readers. The libraries contain a fantastic mixture of classic stories and new releases. We have a number of Year 6 Librarians to help source and run the library with a member of staff.


Articles for parents


At Towers, children are also encouraged to read 5 times a week. Children receive reading records where parents and pupils can comment on their book. Children can choose 1 ‘child’s choice’ book every week to read at home and school.


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