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Dress to Impress

At St George's School we 'Dress to Impress'. We believe that young people like to feel part of a team, wish to fit in, and like to feel accepted. We therefore provide a school uniform and PE kit that allows children to feel a part of the school, to look smart and presentable, and to be dressed in a way that is fit for purpose. Our families and children support this approach to a very high standard, and our pupils look fantastic when learning at school!

Some items are available with the colourful school logo from smartypantsschoolwear.com. Local supermarkets and department stores provide competitively priced items such as trousers, skirts, shoes etc, whilst some also provide royal blue jumpers and cardigans without logos.

School Uniform

  • Royal Blue Jumper (available with logo from SmartyPants)
  • White Polo Shirt (available with logo from SmartyPants)
  • Black or Charcoal Grey Trousers or Skirt
  • Black / Charcoal Grey or White Socks or Black / Charcoal Grey Tights
  • Waterproof Black Shoes

PE and Sports Kit

  • White Sports Shirt (available with logo from SmartyPants)
  • Royal Blue Shadowstripe Shorts or Black 'Skort'
  • White Sports Socks
  • Trainers and/or Plimsolls
  • Plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms can be worn over shorts
  • Plain tracksuit top or school jumper can be worn over tshirt

Our Uniform Provider

Our uniform is available, to order directly, from www.smartypantsschoolwear.com. Please be aware that each order is personally made and disptached, so remember to place your order in good time!

Other items available through the supplier include:

  • Coat (with logo)
  • Fleece (with logo)
  • Book Bag (with logo)
  • Back Pack (with logo)
  • PE Bag (with logo)
  • Tracksuit Trousers
  • Hats and Caps
  • Marker Pen

Helpful Hints

Ensure your child's items are clearly named.

Do not allow your child to wear earrings in school. Any studs worn must be removed by the child themselves for PE activities.

Children are not to wear make up please.

Please avoid:

  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Trainers for school uniform (other than if plain black)
  • Large hair bows
  • Decorative tights, laces etc
  • Jewellery
  • Extreme hairstyles

An Inclusive Uniform

Our uniform enables children to learn at school safe in the knowledge that the options available enable children to fit in.

Adaptations can be made in partnership with the school to ensure faith, medical and specific gender issues are sensitively taken into account. Our uniform is ‘mix and match’, enabling children of all gender identities to feel included and comfortable.



The Essex Policy is as follows (active 2014 onwards):

  • All jewellery is to be removed.  This means that if pupils cannot take their earrings out they will have to sit out PE until they can remove their earrings. 
  • This policy must be applied within all Community and V/C Schools.


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