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A Great School

Ofsted inspected the school in the 2017-2018 academic year, and Essex Schools Education Service formally reviewed the school shortly before. This is what they had to say about the quality of leadership, teaching, outcomes, personal development and behaviour at the school (spolier alert : it makes for nice reading!).

  • Essex LEA: Overall Effectiveness (Good)

    'the Headteacher has created a culture of high expectations'

    'a relentless focus on ensuring all pupils make at least good progress'

    'there is no complacency at this school'

    'assessment information is used precisely'

    'outstanding attitudes to learning'

    '[pupils] are deeply engaged in their work and display high levels of independence and resilience'

  • Essex LEA: Outcomes (Good)

    'in 2016 combined attainment was above the national figure'

    'the vast majority of pupils have made good progress in reading, writing and mathematics'

    'leaders use assessment information from KS1 to carefully track pupils' progress'

    'underachievement is swiftly identified and decisive action taken'

    'disadvantaged pupils are also making expected progress and in some cases outperform other pupils'

  • Essex LEA: Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Good)

    'teaching is characterised by high expectations'

    'pupils quickly settle to their work and no time is wasted'

    'pupils are keen to respond to teachers' skilful questioning'

    'they are clear about how to be successful'

    'misconceptions are challenged effectively'

    'cross curricular links are carefully made to ensure learning is brought to life'

    'there is evidence of high quality dialogue which directly improves the quality of pupils' writing'

    'marking and feedback is consistently applied across the school'

    'pupils greatly appreciate the feedback they are given'

    'the learning environment is well organised'

    'homework is also used effectively, is valued and integrated into pupils' learning'

  • Essex LEA: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (Outstanding)

    'pupils are universally polite and courteous'

    'they speak highly and warmly about the school and are proud of their achievements'

    'a calm and orderly atmosphere'

    'pupils possess outstanding attitudes to learning and excellent learning behaviours'

    'they are truly supportive of each other, listening well to the teacher and their peers'

    'pupils know they are cared for in school and who they can turn to if there is a problem'

    'they have complete faith in their teachers that any issues will be dealt with as they arise'

    'there are excellent relationships between pupils and adults and between peers'

    'pupils say they feel safe'

    'leaders make every effort possible to improve the attendance of those pupils whose attendance is a concern'

  • Essex LEA: Leadership and Management (Very Good)

    'the Headteacher provides vision and drive'

    'there is no complacency and the whole school team is focussed on raising the attainment and progress of all groups of pupils'

    'a caring and nurturing environment'

    'phase and subject leaders ... possess an accurate view of the quality of teaching and are clear about the areas requiring further improvement'

    'provision is individually tailored...so that barriers to learning are removed'

    'governors know the school's strengths and areas for development'


  • What did Ofsted say in the 2017-2018 year?

    Our full Ofsted report is available in the 'Information' area of the website.

  • Ofsted: Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

    Rated 'Good' in 2017-2018

  • Ofsted: Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

    Rated 'Good' in 2017-2018

  • Ofsted: Personal Development, Welfare and Behaviour

    Rated 'Good' in 2017-2018

  • Ofsted: Outcomes for Pupils

    Rated 'Good' in 2017-2018

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