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Design and Technology

Why do we teach Design and Technology at St George’s School?

At St George’s School, our Design and Technology curriculum provides opportunities for the children to think of themselves as designers and producers of purposeful products that will be used in real-life contexts. We want our children to receive a high-quality Design and Technology education so that all pupils are confident in the fundamentals of Design and Technology. The children are given opportunities to develop the ability to evaluate existing products and their designs, and then to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to design and create their own products in a range of meaningful contexts. We encourage the children to think creatively to overcome problems both as individuals and as part of a team.

Cupcake boxes ready for the cakes to be put in!
Cupcake packaging
art socks

We want the children to see Design and Technology as being relevant to their world and applicable to everyday life as well as being something that develops throughout their school life and ultimately in to the world of employment and beyond. We aim to provide a high-quality, interrelated and creative experience that is one that develops the children’s ability to design and construct as they apply the skills they have developed in a variety of ways.


Design stage!
Design stage
Designing using our mathematical knowledge! Look at all of our impressive working out on the whiteboard! Great Job!
Design stage 2

Our Curriculum

The curriculum for Design and Technology is carefully sequenced to build knowledge, skills, vocabulary and experiences on prior learning enabling pupils to make connections between ideas, their learning and the world around them. We also want pupils to have an appreciation of Design and Technology and aim to nurture a sense of fun and curiosity about the subject. 


Year 6 designed cupcake boxes and made cupcakes - linked to Mathematics
Cupcake box
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